Sonic Bloom

Sonic Bloom is an exploration of translating sounds into visuals. It is a reflection upon my personal relationship to music and a realization of auditory memory into physical space.

Music has the ability to challenge our perspectives and transport us into worlds outside of our own. The innate subjectivity and ephemerality of music allows individuals to experience and interpret sounds in their own way. For me, music has always been a vital source of energy and inspiration for my life. Ever since I picked up my first pair of drumsticks at the age of nine, I have been living my life with a rhythmic pulsation. 

Sonic Bloom is a synthesis of animated visuals and interactive ephemeral sounds. The animations are based on four specifically chosen songs, which inspired the visuals. Each song correlates to a distinct auditory memory and is expressive of my relationship to the individual song. In addition to a personal exploration of sounds, Sonic Bloom presents an experience for people to interact with sound. The sounds and visuals are generated in real-time and are determined by each individual’s participation. 

Sonic Bloom was exhibited at Boston University's BFA Thesis Exhibition in May 2017.